Mango Bango

Kcal/ 186g 146

Carbs 53.9%

Protein 8.3%

Fat 37.9%


29.25 AED

36.75 AED

Great fresh food that is tasteful and light! Third time visiting the place and will definitely be a place that I come back to frequently. Delicious and colorful salads and sandwiches. The in house bread tastes so good and light. Very friendly and supportive staff and manager. Thank you Mister Joe for your hospitality and generosity.
Highly recommend 👍🏻👍🏻


Wonderful clean eating place! Their franchiser Joe was there and made sure we had the best experience possible ! They provide filtered water free of charge and complimentary popcorn.
The Mexican salad and mango salad were both delicious and the prices are super reasonable for a clean eatery.
Will definitely be back.

Bashaer Gheyath