What makes us

How Do We Do It?

Made From Scratch

Chemical Free

Minimally Processed

Fresh Quality Ingredients

Hydroponic Farming

Pure H20

Baked Throughout the Day

No additives

Clean Food, Real Impact

“The best way to make things better is to make better things “.

Seth Godin challenged us with these wonderful words. The challenge was how to create a fast food experience that contrasts with what today’s fast food consumer experiences while still remaining relevant to that consumer.

The answer, provide food offerings using whole natural ingredients at each restaurant. Focus on sourcing fresh produce and dairy at local farms throughout the UAE. Create menu items which are minimally processed, made in-house, on premise at each location. Growing a portion of our greens in house to maximize flavor and freshness while bottling our water to ensure clean zero impurity water.

The impact is a very low carbon footprint sustainable restaurant, which produces lower meal costs which in-turn allows clean, healthy , nutrient dense food greater accessibility to the community.

Our Approach Towards Sustainability

The Boga Experience

Boga goes beyond clean food and great taste.
Our single pricing model allows guests to try all menu options within the product category removing all financial barriers thus encouraging repeated frequency .
Our clean design encourages relaxation and enjoyment of the meal and is a welcoming environment with a strong use of natural and sustainable decor materials produced in the UAE to reflect our clean food philosophy.

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