Pesto Chicken Mozzarella

Kcal/ 144g 256

Carbs 35.6%

Protein 19.3%

Fat 45%

28.5 AED

36 AED

I have finally found a healthy restaurant with clean food that you can trust! I absolutely love the food here the pesto chicken sandwich absolutely delicious and DONT get me started on the salads! I highly recommend the sombrero salad the sauce is 👌and it’s made from scratch! That also includes the bread and the vegetables they grow at the restaurant! They also serve you free water with a TDS of 000!!! Lastly one big shout out to joe he’s been great and hospitable. I will definitely come here again. They have gained one loyal customer.

Raeda Eyad

Absolutely feel-good-food!!! Everything is grown in house and tastes so fresh. The service was so lovely and warm. I would highly encourage everyone to dine-in to elevate their experience to another level. Try the soup! I also had the pesto chicken sandwich which was so much better than I expected.

dania darra