Cheddar Broccoli in Bread Bowl

Kcal/ 350g 537

Carbs 45.3%

Protein 16.1%

Fat 38.6%

20.25 AED

This place is so cool ….. I ordered the pesto halloumi sandwich, and while I was waiting for my order to be served, the server offered me broccoli and cheddar soup which was out of this world…… you have to try the soup to believe it….. I’ll surely come back to try more stuff

Ashish Bulchandani

Outstanding restaurant: excellent food, amazing service, beautiful place.
Everything is made from scratch: the bread, the cheese, the jam, the salads (they harvest the lettuce and herbs in the place!), the dressings, everything!
Service is amazing!
I tried the exquisite broccoli and cheddar soup, the sombrero salad , the apple and ginger fresh made juice and two delicious breads with cheese and jam and other with honey and orange. Delicious!!!

Andrew Westerman