Caramel Latte

Kcal/ 200g 90

Carbs 89.8%

Protein 6.2%

Protein 6.2%

16.5 AED

I first saw Boga on a morning walk and only stopped in for a coffee. But that day they were testing out a new recipe and smell was incredible.

Came back for a causal lunch and the Broccoli soup is a hit! Ingredients and pure and fresh as the energy of the team and service. I don’t what’s better the good, clean food or the service. Either way – this place is a must try.

Rayjai Babauta

Very comfortable atmosphere to enjoy healthy and filling food & beverages. Service of the staff was very lovely and I would definitely recommend for anyone looking to eat good food in a cozy place like BOGA

Danna Rammal